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                New Year's Greeting
                Release time?015-05-25   Resource?/div>


                  Endeavour 2015 Dear colleagues,
                .  . As the New Year approaches, I’d like to extend my best wishes on behalf of the Company to all of you who worked so hard and selflessly last year. In particular, I will give my highest respect to the colleagues still working overseas, far away from their hometown and family, and my greetings and thanks also go to your respectable family members!
                ..Last year, we strove for the same goals with constant pursuit of our core values, “integrity, passion, responsibility, teamwork, and care? and of our enterprise spirit, “people oriented, striving for excellence, and win-win harmony? Focusing on our annual objectives put forward in the beginning of the year, i.e. strategic planning, cultural construction, talent team development, and incentive mechanism design, we pooled the wisdom and efforts of everyone, faced all the difficulties and pressure to accomplish our tasks effectively, achieving exciting results. We have seen a notable increase of our overall competitiveness and have laid a solid foundation for our next step of rapid expansion.
                ..2015 is a crucial year of management promotion of the joint-stock company after reorganization. We will strengthen the specialized management ability of business departments, improve the intensive management system of functional departments, emphasize the operating strategy of management by objectives for key projects while focusing on standardizing basic management, clarifying rights and responsibilities, sticking to cultural guidance, and increasing overall efficiency. We will make constant innovations in management mode and reinforce the implementation of objectives. In this New Year and new journey, let’s spare no effort to fight for a new level of Shanying’s business jointly and passionately!
                ..Fighting in 2015 is a spiritual character for our vision, a responsibility for our expansion, a strong will and common belief for our dream and mission.
                ..At last, I wish everything goes well with your work, health and family! And I’m also looking forward to striving together with you for the vision of "leading the circular economy and inheriting the papermaking civilization". Let’s create a bright future together!

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