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                INDUSTRY & PRODUCT
                MAIN PRODUCTS
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                空格The Wood Pulp Production Base relies on the abundant China fir resources in Sanming City and the advanced BCTMP technology introduced from Sweden to produce fluff pulp, with the features of small investment, low pollution load, high timber utilization rate, state-of-the-art technology and equipment, promising market prospect, and remarkable economic benefit. The products have replaced imported goods and made profit in foreign currency indirectly, taking the lead in both China fir pulping and fluff pulp production with BCTMP technology in the country. The national patent number of the wood pulp products is (01110112.1). The products are widely applied as the raw material of sanitary towel, paper diaper, cast padding, pet mat, insole board, cup base paper, two-side offset paper, writing paper, electrostatic copying paper, hot-pressed tympan paper, specialty paper, etc., and are sold all over the country.

                空格The new type super absorbent mechanical fluff pulp is a kind of paper pulp that is extensively applied, while mainly being used as the hygroscopic body of health care materials, such as sanitary towel, baby diaper, articles for incontinence, various paddings, dressings, filters and filter media for medical use.

                空格China fir pulp board is made from the China fir of southern regions by means of chemical preheating mechanical pulping; the product features low tightness and high bulk. Paper made with the product has very good stiffness and is ideal material for the core of ivory board. According to the users, they have used a smaller quantity of pulp for the ivory board but have received better effect of stiffness, thus reducing their cost to a certain extent.



                空格Address: No. 216, Guishan North Road, Guyong Town,Jiangle, Sanming City, Fujian Province, China



                China fir p5ulp


                Sanitary towel, sanitary pad, surgical pad, baby diaper, pet mat, dust-free paper, absorbent paper, etc.

                Chemi-thermo-mechanical pulp


                Cup base paper, light-weight paper, core of ivory board, two-side offset paper, hand towel, specialty paper, etc.
                Fluff pulp


                Insole board, disposable tableware and pallet, etc.
                Unbleached chemi-thermo-mechanical pulp


                Hot-pressed paper, environment-friendly tableware box, etc.

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